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Through the looking glass

"Through The Looking Glass"

Marie Bush

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St. Stephens's Episcopal Church ° St. Vrain Photographic Society ° Front Range Area Artists

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St. Stephen's 2013 Art Show

April 24 - 28, 2013


Photography Juror - Marie Bush


Marie Bush

Artist's Statement: Photography is a medium to communicate my love of Nature. Vibrant colors, luscious textures and alluring patterns kindle my passion. This leads me into a world of exploration where the discovery process transports me so completely I lose myself in the joys of dream-like moments. Abstract compositions reflect the hidden beauty in the color and design of smaller subjects. My camera's quarry can appear elusive, especially with water movement, reflection and unusual camera angles that enrich the composition. My photographs invite viewers to linger, to reflect, to slow down and to open their senses. They are an invitation to look again and to look more deeply, to find what may still be hidden. Each is an opportunity for contemplation and reverie.


Biography: Marie Bush was born In Bangor, Pennsylvania. She enjoyed making snapshots throughout her youth and received her first camera, a Kodak Instamatic 150, when she was twelve. While living in Pennsylvania she earned a BA from Lehigh University and an MD from Thomas Jefferson Medical College. Inspired by the beauty of her natural surroundings after moving to Colorado in 1994, Marie began to take her photography more seriously. She took many workshops with the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, the Santa Fe Photography Workshops and Freeman Patterson. Marie is an established fine art photographer in Boulder County, Colorado. She also works as an urgent care physician at the Longmont Clinic, Longmont, Colorado.