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AyeSophia"Aya Sophia, Turkey"

Diane Wood - Pastel

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Days gone by

"Days Gone By"

Diane Wood - Pastel

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St. Stephen's 2013 Art Show

April 24 - 28, 2013


Fine Art Juror - Diane Wood


Diane Wood

Artist's Statement: Being alive and aware of your surroundings tends to make it easy to choose subjects to paint. Being a gardener I love florals, but landscapes, animals, people and architecture are intriguing. I began to paint with watercolor, moved to oil, then acrylic. When I began with pastels, that was it. They were vibrant, easy to transport and the results outstanding.


I love life and the beauty which surrounds us. I have been past president of the Pastel Society of Colorado. This was an educational and very rewarding experience. I am also involved in many art organizations and volunteer my time and services. During my growth as an artist I have had the opportunity to study with Desmond O'Hagan, Lorenzo Chavez, Albert Handell, Patti Andre, Elizabeth Mowry and several other prominent artists.


I am dedicated to promoting our artists as I feel there is much talent in our area. It is very satisfying when I do win awards. Along with these achievements I encourage children and adults to become involved in some form or art as it is not only satisfying to create, but to become absorbed for a couple of hours with this creation process. Art is a definite part of the community. It enriches society. I am honored to be chosen as Judge for the St. Stephens 2013 Art Show.


Diane Wood